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How to master a second language and learn from peers

You all know how beneficial it is to learn a foreign language. To list a few, it is helpful for your health, social interactions and cognitive behaviour – or increases creativity, improves your analytical skills and strengthens your brain muscles.

But how to become the master of fluency in your target language?

Research shows, when you immerse yourself in a new language you learn it better, faster, and with less effort. Better still, if you speak and discuss your ideas in the foreign language with other fellow learners!

United we stand, divided we fall

A recent study carried out by the European OMC Group Languages in Education and Training showed that peer learning makes you more motivated in learning a foreign language, and helps speed up the process. You can share difficulties and expertise much better in a group rather than alone, and that is also true for many other things in life!

Learning made active

Traditional classes often leave you seated with a big headache, but when you learn through conversational interactions, you are transitioning from being a passive recipient of information to an active speaker, listener, productive learner.

Non-language benefits

Peer learning and immersion classes are the only ways in which you can effectively improve your pronunciation and grammar, no argument! Nevertheless, they also have other benefits that have nothing to do with speaking and writing in another language, like working and collaborating with others, learning to give and receive feedback positively, and develop a sense of empathy towards your peers’ feelings.

Little things matter

Learning with peers is one of the many things you can do to master your foreign language, but fluency is only a matter of time and commitment.

The real secret of becoming a master speaker in your target language is to make a genuine effort and practice as much as you can, with anyone you can, in every place you can. Understand that every little thing matters and always have your initial goal in your mind.

“Learning another language is not only learning different words for the same things, but learning another way to think about things.” – Flora Lewis

15th January 2020

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