At BELINGUS we put PEOPLE before grammar books

For love, for travelling or for work, we all have our very own motivation when it comes to learning a foreign language. And that’s the exact reason why learning should be about who we are, what we want and what we love.

For decades, we all used the same methods to learn a foreign language: we opened a book and tried to memorise complicated grammar rules and silly vocabulary with little context.

While that will work for some, it won’t work for others, because we don’t all think, reflect, understand, memorise or learn in the same way. We need context and interesting topics to enhance the learning experience.

Each person is UNIQUE

At Belingus, we analyse your achievements and what you want to do, allowing us to create a programme that is tailored entirely for you, respect your goals, expectations and level of language. You can work at your own pace, with a flexible schedule. We make sure you enjoy the whole process.

For us, confidence is key to speaking a foreign language. Therefore, we do everything possible to put you at ease. It’s very important to be inspired by your learning materials and teachers.

We support you at every step of your learning journey and give you the best tips and tools based on scientific research to ensure your success.


Our learning approach is FUN and EFFECTIVE

With Belingus you are exposed to your target language and have the opportunity to practise in real-life situations through social events or masterclasses. In a relaxed and stress-free environment, you build friendly and social interactions with learners and natives and broaden your knowledge about a topic you like.

Fun and immersive, Belingus provides activities that have a direct impact on your learning skills because of the context and the memories that your brain creates. These memories and new words are connected and stored directly in the core brain memory, the long-term memory.

As a result, having experience in a foreign language provides you with a greater understanding of language, helps you to memorise the vocabulary more effectively and boost your confidence at the same time. Better still, you don’t have to move abroad to benefit from the experience of immersive learning. The activities hosted by native speakers can be found in your city!

Learning in this way has a direct impact on your motivation as well, as you join a community of learners and natives and take part in fun activities in the target language. It leaves you eager to learn more, discover the culture and renew this experience as often as possible.

Learning a language has never been so fun and easy.


We are based in one of the most cosmopolitan cities: London! It is a fantastic place to meet people from all corners of the world. We love it!

With a bunch of teachers, Sarah launched the company in 2018. Today, BELINGUS offers 1-to-1 lessons with experienced native teachers who share the same desire to change the way we learn languages. We also offer social activities with passionate native hosts who share their precious knowledge and their love for their country.

Our work is a passion, we have a lot of ideas all of which will be revealed soon, stay tuned!



“I was born and raised in France and for years, I tried to learn English at school. I was terrible at it. I couldn’t find any interest or logic in it, it was impossible for me to memorise the grammar or vocab. I was feeling very ashamed and completely stupid in comparison to the other students. Twelve painful years later, I finally found the right method for me. (I know, about time!!)

This experience had a significant effect on me and changed my perspective completely. From that moment, when it comes to learning, I always think about Albert Einstein’s quote: “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” I wasn’t stupid after all, I was just using the wrong method.

Today, a lot of people are still in the same situation as I was. Using my experience as a language specialist and tutor, I must help them, show them the power of learning a second language and the impact it has in your life. Because, for me, anyone can learn a foreign language.” Sarah, Founder, quadrilingual