A magic pill for learning a language

At BELINGUS, we believe that learning a language should be fun and engaging. As children, we pick up languages by observing, socialising and, quite simply, living! The same rules apply in adulthood, and yet we forget this, and attempt to learn through long hours of solitary study.

The best way to pick up a language is through an immersive learning experience, centring around something you actually enjoy doing. Our unique program organises activities in your chosen language that are both fun and provide effective learning tools. Discover a culture, meet native speakers and fall in love with the country that interests you most.

Learning a second language has never been so fun and easy!

Open your mind to the rich culture behind your chosen language. We offer a wide range of activities to suit all tastes. From sports to angling, singing to cookery, we aim to find the best, most engaging medium through which you can learn your chosen language. Once you’ve found an activity you like the sound of, simply book your place online. Click here to book today.

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Meet your teacher on a regular basis for high quality 1-to-1 lessons. Each session is entirely personalised and tailored for you, in accordance with your goals and expectations but also your interests and hobbies.

The teachers are friendly and very attentive and will help you to correct mistakes and answer all your questions.

We guarantee you that you will progress quickly and enjoy every lesson. 100% of our students love the sessions and the method used, because not only will you discover the language but also the culture including music, movies, news, literature, art, cuisine, humour, etc.

You will also receive helpful feedback after each lesson with all the vocabulary and grammar seen during the lesson.  This will help you to memorise vocabulary and take your language skills to next level.


Language available: French | English | Spanish | Italian | Portuguese | German



“A Great Find”

“I attended a ‘Belingus’ evening activity hosted by Sarah. It was a great opportunity to practise some French, meet new people and have some fun. Sarah made everyone feel really welcome and catered for different levels of French ability. After some introductions, Sarah started with a guessing game (quiz) about the game of ‘Petanque’, which gave both an insight into French culture and a chance to learn some new French words and even some grammatical tips. The social and fun aspect was just as enjoyable as the French; everyone took the chance to play the game Petanque and to have a (French) drink in a relaxing environment! I would definitely recommend Sarah’s approach to learning French and having some fun along the way” Rafe, Pétanque tournament

“Fabulous service & flawless entertainment”

“Our host Sarah has a remarkable talent for blending casual conversation with French cultural trivia and activities. The most important part of learning a language is speaking it and you’ll certainly get that at her events. Her level of preparation shows as she gets speakers of all levels to engage with each other all while gaining cultural insight. Having studied French several years ago (but no longer using it daily), it’s been great to get back into the swing of things in a low-pressure environment that educates as you go. Highly recommend!” Jed, wine tasting

“I can only say good things”

“As per my opinion about Sarah’s lessons I can only say good things. I have actually talked about it with a number of my friends and expressed how happy I am with her methodology and the duration of the lessons (since I initially thought that 30 min was too short). I like the interaction we have, the fact that is a 1 to 1 class, the fact that you communicate only in French, that I am encouraged to speak in French using the vocabulary taught during each lesson. I have always learned languages in institutes when I was younger and after trying these lessons with Sarah I now feel that this method works better for me. I feel genuinely more motivated, eager to learn day-by-day and less shy to try even if I make mistakes.” Rodrigo, French lessons

“The classes are well structured”

“Sarah is an amazing, skilled, patient, fun and friendly teacher. The classes are well structured and she will work with any specific topic you want to learn to. She speaks French during the class which is great and also, she speaks Spanish and English very well. Completely recommend to anyone interested to learn French.” Pablo, French lessons

“Basically I love it!”

“I’m absolutely delighted with how my French has improved since I’ve been taking class with Sarah. She really has an excellent sense of what you need and when you need it. We shift naturally between grammar and conversation and she’s really pushed me with my reading. Basically I love it!!!” Philip, French lessons

"I am very happy with my lessons"

“I am really enjoying my French lessons with Sarah. She is positive and easy to talk to during the lesson. This is really important for me as I get very self-conscious when speaking French and she makes me feel at ease. I appreciate the planning and preparation that she puts into each lesson, and I LOVE the feedback sheets that she sends me after each lesson. These are such a helpful resource for me to have. The homework she assigns is very helpful and the time she takes to correct it is also very much appreciated. I am very happy with my lessons and hope to continue with Sarah for a long time!” Shannon, French lessons

"tailored to suit my needs"

“Sarah’s classes are tailored to suit my needs and requirements. Her warm, friendly and professional approach makes it very easy and extremely enjoyable. She’s fun, encouraging and has given me the confidence I needed to take my French to the next level – Merci Beaucoup Sarah ;-)” Brodie, French lessons

Who Are We For?

Anyone and everyone
who has
an interest in learning language!

Forgot about the ‘But I’m not good at languages!’ We’re here to tell you:

there’s no such thing as a natural linguist.

Language is like a muscle that you can train!

How It Works

The best way to pick up a language is through immersion in an activity that you enjoy.

Want to improve your French? What better way to learn than through a virtual wine-tasting tour?

Love Spanish food? Learn to speak the language while cooking your favourite dishes.
We organise the event in your chosen language; all you have to do is show up.

Meet Your Native Tutor

Are you ready to improve your language learning to the next level? Meet one of our highly skilled tutors!

They are dedicated in helping you to learn your chosen language effectively, building your confidence and cultural understanding.
Each session with your tutor is tailor made for you, in-line with your goals and expectations whilst incorporating your interests and hobbies.
Book your personalized online lesson with us today at a time that suits you!

Share Your Skills:

Become A Host or Tutor

Do you speak another language?

We’re on the look-out for hosts and tutors to be part of our exciting program.

If you’re self-motivated, bilingual and love meeting new people – this could be the perfect role for you! To register your interest and sign up as a host or tutor, click the link below!

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